Posted by: faditya | April 18, 2009


Today is my birthday…
a moment when I should realize that my time on this lovely world being less one year….
What should I feel about it?
Yes, of course being grateful, happy, excited, etc….

Many friends congratz me… means so much care I have from my friends….
Many wish come to me….

But, I don’t know why…. my condition right now is not really good….
I having no spirit… feeling lazy… gloomy….

Actually it has been happened since yesterday… or even several days before…

Many people say that a birthday is a moment to do a contemplation and to make some plans for the future….

But for me, I can do contemplation whenever even every day….

Astghfirullahul’adzim …
Still try try try try to push up my spirit….
because I don’t want to be a bad girl for myself, my family, my friends, moreover my Lovely God…

anyway thanks for all of my friends….
Love you all… 😀



  1. tiaa happy birthday yaaa…semoga semakin diberkahi dalam menjalani sisa umur… semangatt ukhti 😉

  2. Met Milad euyyyhow about “back to Tauhid” biasanya disana sumbernyamasih ada yang lainnya di hati manusia selain Allah SWT sepenuhnya::::habis denger ta’lim UStd. Yusuf Mansyur…….:::::

  3. Selamat ulang tahun Tia. Maap telat ngucapinnya. Semoga tambah sukses dan berbahagia selalu. Tetap semangat yah!!!!

  4. Happy bday ya, Tya!Tapi kenapa perasaan gw pas baca ini kok kesannya tidak bahagia sekali sih?You know what? Just blame your job for any kind of misery happened to you XD

  5. ups maaf baru balas…te3we3: trims buanyak ya…. udah mulai semangat kok :Dmas yayan: iya trims dah mengingatkan… :)olin: yap yap yap dah semangatttt!!!misskania: hehe pas hari itu emang lg gak jelas kan… tapi sekarang dah suemangatttt!!! bukan karena kerjaan juga kok 😀

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